Library of China Academy of TCM
  Library of China Academy of traditional Chinese Medicine, founded in 1955, has the largest collection of TCM books and periodicals in China. The collection covers more than 320,000 volumes, of which 60,000 are ancient medical books, including 20,000 precious and rare editions, more than 2,000 periodicals published in China and abroad, including 230 TCM periodicals in Chinese and 60 traditional medical periodicals in foreign language, and more than hundreds microfilms, audio visual materials, computer disks and CD-ROMs. The collection is growing with a rate of 8,000 volumes per year.The library provides reading, loaning and photocopy service of books, journals, microfilms, audiovisual materials, CD-ROM and online information searching and netowrk service to users at home and abroad. The users served totals more than 30,000 with a collection circulation of 57,000 volumes per year.
   The protection, systematization, studies and utilization of ancient medical books is one of the main tasks of the library. The Catalogue of Thread-Bound Books in the Collection of Library of CATCM edited by the library covers all the collected ancient medical books from Song dynasty and thousands of ancient books donated by 5 famous TCM doctors. The Series of Rare Editions of Ancient Medical Books in the Collection of Library of CATCM is a photocopy series of the valuable ancient books with good content, rare edition and nice quality. Up to date, 35 ancient books of the series have been published. The Complete Book of Unique Editions of Ancient Medical Books is a photocopy series covering about 300 selected valuable unique editions of the extent only-copy ancient medical books all over China and overseas. So far, 25 unique edition books of the series have been published.
   The National Union Catalogue of TCM Books, compiled under the sponsorship ofthe library, contains references to more than 12000 TCM books published before 1949 and stored in 113 large libraries throughout the country. It is available in both printed and software edition. The Union Catalogue of TCM Books and Periodicals in Foreign Languages involves catalogues of TCM books and journals published abroad in 10 foreign languages, issued by 109 libraries all over China. In cooperation with 23 libraries and information units, the library has compiled the Index to Literature of TCM and Chinese Materia Medica in Chinese Scientific Journals covering over 130,000 articles in 500 journals published since 1949. The database software is available as well as the printed edition.
   TCM Media Center produces films, videotapes, photographs, microfilms, slides and multi-media software and ofter audio-visual material service. It has set up a databaase of TCM audio-visual materials and produced the tapes of “The Collection of TCM scientific achievements”, “A hundred needling techniques of Chinese Acupuncture”and a series of 40 section films on the clinical experiences of famous veteran TCM doctors and the techniques of acupuncture, massage, bone-setting, surgical operation and Qigong. More than 1550 audiovisual materials have been collected and more than 200 microfilms of TCM rare ancient books have been produced. All the above audio-visual materials are on service in the institute.